Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Water fluoridation can cause splotchy spots on teeth

Fluoride strengthens the natural tooth structure against microorganisms and acids prone to cause cavities and tooth erosion. Water fluoridation is considered one of the best methods for provision of optimum fluoride quantity to the community. Water fluoridation is an effective method to prevent development of dental decay and cavities in children as well as adults. However, easy access to fluorides through the use of fluoridated tooth pastes, mouth washes, mouth rinses, fluoride varnishes and tablets have resulted in manifestations of fluoride excess especially in children of growing age.

Fluoride excess results in the formation of whitish or brownish splotchy spots on the surface of teeth. This process is known as dental fluorosis or mottling of tooth enamel. It affects the smile of an individual. Furthermore, excess fluoride weakens the tooth structure. It is now recommended to check the fluoride level of water supply of the area where an individual lives prior to prescribing a fluoride varnish or mouth rinse. Dental health care professionals should remain cautious while prescribing fluoride containing dentifrices to infants and small children. The following article gives an insight into the effects of water fluoridation in USA.

Opponents argue its health effects aren’t completely understood and that adding … said Kathleen O’Loughlin, the American Dental Association’s executive director, who joined Lushniak in Monday’s announcement. Lushniak added: “It is the best method forUS lowers fluoride in water; too much is causing splotchy teeth

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Water fluoridation can cause splotchy spots on teeth