Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Natural Means to whiten your teeth at home

Modern era constitutes an environment of stress and competition. People work hard and work late on a working day. Presentations and work performances need perfection and alertness which no doubt comes at a cost. Consumption of tea, wine, beverages and smoking are increasing in proportion to the amount of stress one puts to work. These habits can affect your teeth in the form of staining and discoloration and people notice each and everything during your presentations. A beautiful, lively and brighter smile matters a lot whether you are at work or looking for a life partner. No one gets time or affords the cost of professional tooth whitening measures and over the counter chemicals can have adverse affects. It is best if you can arrange time out of your busy schedule for professional dental help in this regard but we would like to help you while you are at home or work.

 Natural ways of whitening your teeth most often help when stains are external due to coffee, tea, smoking and beverage consumption. Inner surface of banana peel when applied on your teeth followed by brushing can produce whiter teeth. A combination of baking soda and lemon juice can remove extrinsic tooth stains. However, their use must not be frequent as they can erode your teeth. A novel use of coconut oil known as the oil pulling technique can help your teeth and gums. Swishing your mouth with coconut oil for 20 minutes not only cleans your teeth and gums but it also helps in detoxification of body and relieving headaches. Strawberries contain citric acid and it helps in the removal of extrinsic stains. Half a tea spoon of apple cider and cheese snacks can also produce brighter teeth. Cheese can also be used following an acidic drink to prevent tooth erosion.

Like clear skin and shiny hair, our teeth can be a signal of health and youth, while playing a huge role overall attractiveness—71% of single women and 58% of single men cited straight, white teeth as the most important trait in a potential partnerHow to Whiten Your Teeth Using Stuff You Already Have

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Natural Means to whiten your teeth at home