Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Common dental myths


Myths and false concepts about various things become traditional in societies especially when old people teach their siblings about these ideas. Fallacies regarding food stuff are widespread and educated people also believe in them. Likewise, dental myths exist among common folks. Some people have concrete belief that a hard tooth brush is the only solution to maintain white and bright teeth. They will never use a medium consistency or soft consistency brush. People often believe they should always use a whitening tooth paste.

Some folks always use an aspirin tablet in conjunction with tooth brushing and find it beneficial. They advise others to do this. Ice chewing can be harmful but not in all cases. However, some believers find it always damaging to teeth. an important dental myth regarding restoration of teeth is that once you get a tooth filling, you will need to replace it regularly. These people preach others to avoid getting a tooth filling. The following article focuses upon a discussion regarding common dental myths and stories.

Believing these myths about dental hygiene could be harmful for your teeth.

“We see a lot of people that you know bite down on things they shouldn’t,” Dr. Lieberman said. “We see people who really do open up beer bottles with their teeth.”


Dentist Larry Lieberman says most of us will eventually have a dental problem.

“Periodontal disease affects over 85% of the population. That’s a really big deal,” he said

However, dentists are seeing an increase in cavities in older adults due to medications that dry out the mouth. They reduce saliva, which protects the teeth.

One way to avoid being part of that statistic: don’t believe teeth myths.




Common dental myths