Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Dentists weigh in on ADA’s Action for Dental Health movement

“The good will you generate is priceless,” said Dr. Timothy Oh, who created Back to School Smiles, a Maine dental program serving at-risk children.

“We make sure that the team returns to each facility on a regular basis to build a patient relationship,” said Dr. Scott Morrison, who co-founded a program serving some 25 nursing homes in Iowa and Nebraska.

“We tell our patients that as long as they qualify, they can consider us their dental home,” said Barbara Colley, director of a nonprofit dental clinic in Michigan serving low-income adults referred by hospital emergency room staff.

“Since I’ve been here we’ve expanded our dental program, but that still doesn’t meet the need,” said Dr. Ed Griggs, who sold his suburban private practice to serve patients in one of Virginia’s most dentally underserved areas.

“Initially, it was sort of a new concept for the dental and medical communities,” Dr. Leonard Brennan said of Maine’s Oral Team-Based Initiative: Vital Access to Education.

That’s Action for Dental Health.

Visit and click on the Action for Dental Health tab under Special Activities & Programs for more on these and other stories showcasing local and state activity to increase access to dental care. The Association invites you to share your ADH story by contacting Rhys Saunders in the ADA Public Affairs Department at

The ADA’s nationwide, community-based Action for Dental Health movement is focused on providing care now for people suffering from untreated dental disease, strengthening the existing public/private safety net and bringing dental health education and disease prevention to underserved communities.

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Dentists weigh in on ADA’s Action for Dental Health movement